honey facts
the Hive Exhibit
Morris Museum
Morristown, N.J.


May 5 � August 16, 2014

Honeybees are responsible for at least 30% of the foods we eat everyday! Busy bees are the great pollinators of the world and are essential to so many aspects of our lives and culture. Celebrate the sweet story of these incredible insects and learn how vital they are to our survival and how you can help to protect and conserve bees and their habitats. Learn about the life cycle of a bee and how different cultures revere this tiny architect. Artists that will be featured in the exhibit include: Josie Rodriguez, Katja Loher, Marietta Patricia Leis, and Rose-Lynn Fisher, among others.


Honeybees: June Lecture Series
Presented by the New Jersey
Beekeepers Association (NJBA)

The lectures will follow the 1PM hive inspection on SATURDAYS in June.
FREE with Museum Admission

June 7 - A year in the Life of a Beehive

Ever wonder about the life cycle of a honeybee, how they make and store their honey and how they prepare for winter? Here is your chance to find out.

June 14 - Beehive Government

How do 50,000 bees live together? Who is really in charge? Bet you thought it was the Queen. Partially right, but committees play a big role too! Maybe there are lessons here for us.

June 21 - Bee-Friendly Yard & Garden

Bees love flowers, not just honeybees, but bumblebees and many other vital pollinating insects. Come to find out which flowers they like the best, and how you can beautify your yard and garden in a bee-friendly way.

June 28 - Colony Collapse Disorder

Does anyone really know why? Latest research reports that there are a number of reasons which may vary according to location and environment. A complex topic indeed.



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